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If Ubuntu installer your computer starts after doing this, it means a surge may have fried whatever power source you were using and will need to be reset or replaced. If your computer won’t turn on at all, check the outlet, powerbar, or power source it is plugged into.

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It takes a fair bit of pressure to clamp the chip down. Graphics card (unless you’re using the CPU’s onboard GPU) and any required 6/8-pin power cables. There are a lot of different power plugs in a system, and it’s all too easy to miss one of them. One of the most common is the 4/8-pin connector next to the CPU. There’s already a wide 24-pin connection, which you should also check, but a lot of builders overlook the smaller CPU power connection. If your motherboard has a CMOS reset switch or button, use that — refer to your motherboard manual for instructions on how best to use it.

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  • However, there is a paid version available, if you need more advanced features.
  • Price wise, the Read For Words application is great for people wanting a cheap and free option.
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  • If simplicity is what you’re looking for in a text to speech service, and you’re tired of being bombarded by features you’ll never use, is one of our favorites.
  • However, the premium feature has over $10, so you can work with no ads, a full-screen mode, and has a quick access button to your Chrome’s toolbar.
  • This site is a simple, helpful tool that isn’t trying to sell you anything, so it can be refreshing when compared to some of the other choices.

SATA is a small, thin plug with an L-shaped bend in the tip, which will run from the drive to a row of plugs on the motherboard. Also consider trying different PSU cables for its power if possible. It’s also a good idea to try it in a different PCIExpress slot on your motherboard if you have one. It can also be worth trying to boot with just a single stick of RAM in to see if the other one might be defective. You can also change the slot you plugged the module into — to see if any slots may be damaged and causing your booting issues.

Memory problems can be the cause of all sorts of PC issues. If you think yours might be causing yours, here’s how to check. Intel CPUs only fit in one direction because of a pair of notches at one side of the chip that fit against notches in the socket. If you installed the chip yourself, there’s a piece of black plastic that sits in the motherboard slot to protect the pins — make sure it was removed before installing the cooling. A frame around the outside of the socket holds the chip in place, and a small arm right next to it should be clamped down and tucked underneath the clip at the end.

If it is plugged into a surge protector, it’s possible that it was tripped during the power surge. To avoid these problems, it’s a good idea to use a surge protector with your computer, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop. This will help make sure that if there is ever a power surge, your computer is protected and doesn’t take the brunt of any electrical damage. The motherboard manual will specify which plug is which, with different speeds and capabilities amongst the options.

Check the motherboard for markings to identify the plug quicker if you need to save time. SATA is the most popular data connection if you own a relatively modern computer system.


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