What Is The Windows Registry?

Note that you can type hex codes on the left or normal ASCII characters on the right, depending on where you click with the mouse. Stores underlying user data from which HKEY_CURRENT_USER is drawn. Although several keys will often appear here, only one of them will ever be the active branch. See the discussion of HKEY_USERS, later in this chapter, for details.

The Registry Editor is a part of the registry and is the way to view and change the registry, but it is not the registry itself. Technically to say, the registry is the collective name for the various database files located in opencl.dll the Windows installation directory. It keeps track of vital information and settings of many software programs and hardware devices. Below are the different values you encounter while in the Windows registry and a brief description about what type of data each value can contain. To view and make changes to the Windows registry, the Windows Registry Editor may be used.

  • Here you can see a list of options where the registry files are stored on your hard drive.
  • The problem is, some DLL errors might make your PC unresponsive.
  • With Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows NT, administrators can use a special file to be merged into the registry, d3dcompiler_43.dll called a policy file (POLICY.POL).

It’s set to “manual” startup by default, so you must change the service’s setting to Automatic and start it on each computer that you want to manage remotely. To edit a remote computer’s Registry, choose File, Connect Network Registry.

You can recover audio, text, video, and even corrupted and damaged data through it. Run antiviruses scan frequently – A proactive approach is better than a reactive approach. Running your antivirus often can kill viruses and malware that can damage your computer and cause runtime errors. There are options in your antivirus software to run after frequent periods. Visit trusted sites only – when you are browsing on the internet, make sure you do not enter every website you see. Always run an inbuilt antivirus scanner to see if the website is safe enough to visit.

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It is a hierarchical database that stores settings for virtually everything on a Windows PC. The built-in Registry Editor allows users to create a backup of a specific key or value so that users can easily revert changes made to the Registry. After selecting a Registry key or value, one can click the File menu and then click the Export button to backup the selected key or value. The backup file of Registry is saved with .REG extension, and you can double-click on the .REG file to restore the information back into the Registry. This is not the version of registry editor or the Windows version. It is a version information for format of the registry data in the file itself. The first line of a registry file must have one of those two strings.

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Windows’ each update will attract the attention of public and will inevitably cause a lot of problems. Some of them can be fixed while other can not until new update is out to patch them. If you find your Windows 10 CPU spikes, don’t worry; you’re not alone. This post talks about the Windows 10 high CPU usage. Next, click onUninstall updates, choose the update you want to uninstall and click the Uninstallbutton.


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